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Monday, August 22, 2005

Bad blogger - no posts

Hey, death in the family, house burglary, general mayhem. I'll post again when I feel up to talking to anyone, instead of anti-social.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I noticed this as I was driving home last night, on the driveway/road leading to the office. WHAT THE HECK IS IT?

Is it a flower? Carnivorous plant? The mother of tiny tiny pod people? I'm tellin ya, it's wieeeeeerd, whatever it is. Those stems are hairy, and slightly sticky. It kinda freaks me out. If you know what it is, let me know. Naming a thing makes it much less scary.

Knitting has been slow because of the heat, but I finally (!) started the edging on my Tivoli T last night. OK, I know that the design has no edging, but when has that ever stopped me? It needs some seed stitch at the armholes and some darker tipping to stop rolling and start being MINE. Anyway, I intend to have it done by the weekend so I can start these: Spiral Socks in a fabulous deep purple and pumpkin gold combination, courtesy of Elann's Sock it to me collection. With the exception of a baby hat with one band of fair isle, it's my first colorwork, but, hey, if I hate it, it becomes a frog affair, right? If I do like it, I have the Dover book that the chart comes from, and there are several dozen cool knotwork (I just typed knitwork by mistake) designs to try!

Maus, darned old sweet Maus, has prevented me from finishing Rogue. A couple of the girls in KWA were talking about Rogue, which I started about 18 months ago. I got to within about 10 rows of the armholes, and stalled, big time. I was tempted to get together and finish it up, but, as I said last week, I've never owned a hoodie in my life, and don't really love them, and am not sure how much wear I'd ever get from Roguie.

Then Maus mentions casually that Eris is available. OK, whilst knitting Rogue, I thought that, perhaps, I'd finish it, then figure out how to A)set the hood cabling into the back in such a way that it would be a collar, but not so high as the modded collars I've seen done, and B)Cardigan-ize it, wrapping cabling around the front corners and slipping small pockets into it for keys and a lip balm. Now. Go look at the cardigan version of Eris - I'll wait.
...::waits for the drooling to stop::...

OK, see why I have already bought the pattern, and why Rogue is getting frogged to scavenge the pretty pretty green yarn for Eris? All I have to do is add pockets, and Jenna has nicely added options for plain, short rowed fronts, so it should be even easier than just slapping it together, which I figured would be pretty easy. Anyhow, I'm prodding the KWA girls to do an Auntie-along come September or so, when it's a bit cooler, and do their choice of Rogue or the Eris variations or just some cably fun together! Yea, Maus may be an instigator, but I'm just a pusher!

Well, the dogs are about to explode and die horrible deaths if I don't go play ball, so I'll stop rambling and go away.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

KWA Puppy Party

OH MY GOODNESS I had fun this weekend! I had the gals (and meat popsicle) from KWA over with their doggies for our Saturday sit 'n' knit, and it was more fun than a barrel full of monkies! Well, maybe a yard full of puppies...

I was a bad hostess, and forgot to take pictures until after the lovely Felicia left, but she brought Scout and Matthias, and Scout brought Tegan the loveliest pink squeaky flower toy. She squeaka'd it all evening! Thanks, Scout!

Here's a pic of us sittin and knittin.. there's (clockwise from left) Ann, who was crocheting a beautiful afghan at the speed of sound, Kishka making sure my neighbor wasn't going to eat us all, my niece Jori, looking miserable, Bryan, with the ever-expanding blankie, Kathy, with another Warm the World blankie, Anne, who *should* have been working on her mother's shawl, but was playing with Annie Modesitt's knitted corset instead, and Max, looking adorable, up on the bench with his mama, being safe from all those strange dogs.

Here's a better pic of Ann's gorgeous afghan. It's in a sort of cranberry, white, forest green, and navy.
KWA Puppy Party Part Two

Stoopid blogger truncated my post. Poop.

Ann is Kiki's mama. Kiki is still a baby, and soooooo sweet! She has the prettiest eyes - one eye is 1/2 blue, and 1/2 grey, and the other is brown. Here she is looking demure:

And a more typical photo of Miss Perpetual Motion:

She TOTALLY bossed around all the bigger doggies - I love it!

Kathy made Kishka stay on a long tether all day, because she swore that nice, sweet, mellow Kishka would jump the fence. No-one believed her a BIT, until I caught this look:

Yup, plotting her escape!

Max got very very brave (and hot) and discovered how very much fun a baby pool can be:

Later in the day, when it had dwindled down to Anne, Kathy, and I, we adjourned out of the heat into the air conditioning. Max LOOOOOOOOVES him some air conditioning - it's more comfy to cuddle with Mama:

All in all, it was a terrific day. I do adore these fabulous ladies (and gent) and their sweet dogs.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

FO!(and the frog pond)

Why, it's TWO tabi socks!

They're most definitely fraternal, but, between my feet, you can see why. That's the total (excluding tiny tail ends) yarn I had left over from one skein of KnitPick's Simple Stripes in the Vineyard colorway.

OK, I just said 'colorway'... someone get out the Pretentious Meter and beat me in the head with it. When I began knitting a few years ago I first ran across the term 'colorway' (OK, it was, I think, 'colourway', which is worse) and thought it unbearably cheesy in an 'Alice Starmore is a goddess and I must worship her and spell things as if I were British when I'm from Topeka' kind of way. Just.. kill me, 'kay? I'm just sayin'.

Remember that pretty pink Zen Tivoli T I promised to show you this week? Frogged it. WAY too big (scroll down). And the Rob's Rubber Chicken Viking Hat? Frogged it. Just.. not right on size 8's. I'll be starting over here as soon as I finish posting on size 7's.

So. What ELSE can I start? Possibly the lace scarf out of Shimmer for Moms, or be a lemming and go get the honkin big ball of boucle at JoAnn's and make A)a big-assed shawl or B)a top down raglan sweater. I'll start me another pair of socks Saturday, just to be in the sock vibe when Felicia does her sock tutorial for the uninitiated thing at the KWA meeting. So, any ideas for a fabulous new project? I don't count the two I have to start over, 'cause I don't.

Poodle Prancing:

Monday, July 11, 2005

Things that make you go 'HMMPH'

I've come to a wierd revelation about myself. I'm not as big as I think I am.
See, my weight and I have had a real hate-hate relationship in the last 3 years, ever since my hormones gave up the ghost. At 37, I could honestly say I was within 3 lbs of the size I had been since I was 17. These days, add 25 lbs to that. The weight jumped on me after my hyster, and I can't seem to shake it off. I don't exactly hate how I look, but my mental self image has changed.

Which brings us to that revelation. As I photoblogged last post, I've sewn 4 skirts in the last week, and have taken all 4 of them in after wearing them once each. Yup, all 4 were just flat out TOO BIG. Fallin down my hips big. Today, I got to a good point to try on my Zen Tivoli T. You guessed it.. TOO BIG. It's a very odd sensation, not knowing for sure how big to make my own clothes, after 20-odd years of being able to eyeball vintage clothes to within 1/2" of the perfect fit.

So.... I guess I get to rip out 2 skeins worth of Zen and try again. In some ways, I don't really care, because I think I'd rather do a fully fashioned raglan, and whap on some seed stitch from the beginning, rather than add an edging later. Still, since Zen rips out so beautifully (NOT), I'm totally looking forward to tonight. On the other hand, there are 4 more icy Rolling Rocks in the fridge.

Kathy (TOKathy) asked to see close-ups of the fabrics on the other 3 skirts, and since she's my BUD, she gets her wish.

And a random Poodle Pron Pic: T-girl and her Auntie Ginger romping in the snow last spring (2004).

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sewing Frenzy!

The knitting has been suffering in the last week because of THIS!

These are 4 knee length skirts, from my original pattern, all cut exactly the same. I used WallyWorld $1.00/yd fabric, so with thread and zippers, all four skirts cost a whopping $22.60 + tax. If you're all ghetto thrifty like I am, this ROCKS! Don't you dig that cherry print on the top skirt? Here, have a better look...

So freakin cute, I can't stand it! Skirts are so much cooler and more versatile than shorts in the summer, anyway. I just can't see spending $25 on a skirt that's only OK when I can have four that I love!

On the knitting front I'm past the yoke on the Tivoli T, but it still doesn't photograph very well, so you'll have to wait. I knit some on my second tabi sock at knit group this morning, and I'll finish that tomorrow or Monday. Ya'll have a great weekend!

I'll leave you with a small conundrum... I cut Tegan's ears, which is a great improvement as far as grooming and cleanliness goes, but.. well.. what do YOU think? Twins separated at birth??

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat hides in my front room so ingeniously?

SpongeBob Toe-Sock!

Toe-sock, at last I've found you! (bonus points if you know what I ripped off for that line) I'm thinkin that Princess Tegan must have had something to do with the mysterious disappearance, because we found Toe-Sock half under the dog bed in the living room. Hmmmmm, odd that. Of course, I took its mate off the needles and put it away Monday. I didn't frog it, though, so I should get back on track without too much trouble.

Ugh, off to work. Yay.